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1) Are you licensed by the State of Texas:  This is an important question to ask.  There are a lot of companies that operate outside of the law.  Not all people agree with the way Texas handles there licenses, but it is the law and it is a way to help educate and regulate the industry for safety.  You can check for yourself to see who is licensed by the State of Texas.  We are located on page 64, check us out!!

2)Are you insured: This is important as well.  Insurance not only shows the company is serious about their customers, but it shows they are following the law.  If you choose not to rent from Fun Times Party Rental please choose to rent from a company that carries insurance and is licensed bu the State of Texas.  Ask to see their insurance policy if you want to make sure.

3)How often are your inflatable’s cleaned: Maintaining bounce houses is an important part of the bounce house rental business.  Do not feel ashamed to ask a company if they regularly clean their bounce houses.  This is for the safety of your children that will be playing in them.  Bounce houses should be cleaned on a weekly basis if not more.  We have written an article on cleaning bounce houses if you would like to read it.  It goes in to further details on how bounce houses should be cleaned and how we clean our bounce house rentals too.

4)Are there any repairs that need to be made to the inflatable: There is no reason a company should bring a bounce house out that is in need of a repair, that is an accident waiting to happen.  Do not put your kids in harms way.  Make this clear to the bounce house provider at the beginning.  Also, check the condition of the bounce house before the installers leave. Look for dirt, strange bubbles in teh bounce area, tears, holes, and more.  If there is a problem bring it to their attention. This is possibly like renting a car without brakes.

5)What happens if my inflatable gets damaged the week before i reserved it: I’ve been called last minute by customers that say their bounce house company cannot bring out a bounce house because it’s dirty, damaged, or something else.  Use a bounce house rental company that has a back up plan so you are not left scrambling to find another company to work with last minute.  We have over 70 inflatables to choose from.  Our units go out for repair however, we always get them back in time or we upgrade the customer.  Make sure you use a company that has a back-up plan and can execute it too.

6)What happens if the owner gets sick?  Will my bounce house still be delivered: Most companies are a one man operation.  I truly understand where they are coming from, but what happens if they get hurt/sick, their truck breaks down, or something else.  Please remember this can happen to any company.  Just make sure you understand how they handle these situations and will you still get your bounce house rental.  Use a company that has a back-up plan and has more trucks and drivers in their fleet to make adjustments.

7)Are you safety trained and certified to set up bounce houses: Although this is not mandatory, there is a lot of videos showing the dangers of bounce houses.  Go the extra mile for your kids and make sure the company you are using is as serious about your kids safety as you are. Here is a safety organization that certifies bounce house installers.

8)What is your cancellation policy; for weather or other reasons: Cancellation policies are different for each company and are different if it is weather related or personal related.  Make sure you are familiar with the companies policies both for weather reasons and personal reasons and they meet your standards too.  Unfortunately things happen, make sure your are able to agree to their policies.

9)What happens if you are late to my event: Please remember no one is perfect.  Things can happen, but what I can say for Fun Times Party Rentals is our policies and procedures keeps us on time for more than 99.9% of our events.  Ask your bounce house rental company what policies they have in place to arrive at your event on time.

10)Are there any additional fees that I need to be aware of: This is the day and age of additional fees for everything.  Make sure to ask if there are any additional fees you need to be aware of.  For instance is there a delivery fee, set-up fee, generator fee, sand bag fee (to set up indoors or on concrete), or overnight fee.  These are a few of the fees that can be assessed.  Make sure you know the total amount you will be charged up front.