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What’s New: More Carnival Party Theme Games

Posted by funtimes on Mar 18, 2015 in Fun Times Party Rentals |

Carnival themed party rentals are one the most popular themed parties. It’s a classic theme that’s timeless, and offers so many options for your party guests. Our carousel bounce house has been the perfect addition to a carnival themed parties, but this year we’re proud to offer even more game options to make your party bigger or just...

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Spring Break Fun In Your Own Back Yard

Posted by funtimes on Mar 12, 2015 in Fun Times Party Rentals |

Kids are bored? Have they been driving you up the walls running around the house? Did your travel plans fall through, and now your vacation is a stay-cation? Fret not, turn your ordinary backyard into a fun adventure zone. Fun Times Party Rental offers a variety of inflatables that meet every budget. Your kids can get out of the house and have fun burning...

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Corporate Easter Office Parties

Corporate Easter Office Parties

Posted by funtimes on Mar 9, 2015 in Fun Times Party Rentals |

Easter is approaching fast.  It comes and goes every year.  Have you considered organizing an Easter themed office party?  Fun Times Party Rentals has the concessions and party decoration ideas to make it happen, and happen with a BANG!!  Whether its for a monthly office party, a thank you party for the employees, or a corporate meeting; if it’s...

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XYZ Rents Their Bounce Houses for Cheaper

Posted by funtimes on Mar 5, 2015 in Fun Times Party Rentals |

So, we get a hand full of calls where customers ask us the cost of our bounce houses.  After we provide them the information, they either say “XYZ rents theirs for cheaper” or “What else does that come with?”   Although I wish our prices were the cheapest in town, there are companies out their that are cheaper.  What exactly does...

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