Posted by funtimes on Dec 14, 2016 in Fun Times Party Rentals |

So the results are in and we’re happy to say we’ve got the top party rentals in Dallas! Here’s a list of the best party rentals of 2016!

#1 Dance party! Have your own personal mobile club! The dance party house is great for teens and bigger kids as well as adults. You can bounce and it also includes led lighting and a Bluetooth speaker that can play the music of your choice. Add bubbles or foam for even more fun!

#2 Waterslide! If you want to just add fun to any party, just add water! Whether you are going for an extreme double land water slide with a slip-n-slide or a Hawaiian themed slide, you’ll have more fun getting wet! Because waterslides come in a variety of heights, waterslides can accommodate both children and adults in one slide unit!

#3 Trains! All aboard this kid favorite. Everyone wants a train ride, especially when the train is trackless with no loud noises or bad fumes. Take everyone on a ride they’ll never forget!

#4 Hamster balls! Who hasn’t seen a giant inflatable ball and wanted to climb inside? One of the most unique and most requested party rentals are inflatable balls sometimes referred to as hamster balls. These balls allow for hours of fun in racing one on one. Fun for children and adults alike, these fun hamster balls let bring an empty outdoor field to life.

#5 Castle bounce house! Every boy wants to be the knight or the king and every girl wants to be the princess. The castle bounce house in a variety of themes and colors, for boys and for girls, is still one of the top requests and the best party rental for 2016. The castle makes any kid’s party magical.

#6 Dunk tank! An oldie but goodie. Who can resist the urge to dunk the principal or an unsuspecting victim. Popular at charity events, this party rental consistently makes the list!

#7 Obstacle courses! Whether you are having a themed party for Maze Runner, Hunger Games, America Ninja Warrior or you just want to have a blast, obstacle courses have been a staple of 2016.

As one of the best party rentals, obstacle courses have included slides, stairs and tunnels. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want at your party – opting for timed teams or just being able to complete the course.