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Bounce houses are designed to be fun.  Along with that comes an over -the-top creative aspect, it keeps kids outdoors, entertains them for hours upon hours, and most importantly it’s an activity that help kids burn off tons of stored up energy.  It’s no secret kids have plenty of energy to burn off.  The motions of jumping, running, maneuvering thru the obstacles, sliding down the slide, and playing basketball inside of the bounce house is what’s exciting for kids.  However, for adults the activities allows kids to strengthen their hearts, lungs, bone mass, and muscles.

We can go a step further by providing them with alternative foods to cake, candy, and sugary treats.



Sugar is derived from plans (sugar cane and sweet beets).  Sugar is a big carbohydrate called sucrose which is made up of by two smaller carbohydrates called fructose and glucose.  It has no nutritional value, proteins, vitamins, minerals, or fibers.  Sugar provides a burst of energy that might be fun for a minute but usually doesn’t last too long. This burst of energy can make you feel hyper and unable to focus.  When the insulin does its job and lowers the blood sugar levels, you might be left feeling cranky, irritable and moody, and less able to concentrate and learn. Sugar can even give you a headache or make you feel sick.

Watermelon Christmas Tree Healthy Snacks

Watermelon Christmas Trees for Healthy Kids Snacks

Alternatively, substituting sugars with healthy snacks that include proteins, vitamins, minerals, and/or fibers such as nuts, string cheese, fruits, smoothies, and chicken bites allows your kids to bounce and bounce and bounce in our inflatables all day with out experiencing sugar highs and lows.  Although fruits and smoothies are composed of sugar they also vitamins, antioxidants and water which allows our bodies to digest them better.

As an added bonus there are several cookie recipes that do not include white sugar and have bare bone ingredients that really taste good.  Check out our pinterest page here for more creative and healthy snack ideas for your next party or engagement.

Inflatable bounce houses and healthy eating are two important ways to keep your kids healthy active and happy for the whole day and many more to come.