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Easter is approaching fast.  It comes and goes every year.  Have you considered organizing an Easter themed office party?  Fun Times Party Rentals has the concessions and party decoration ideas to make it happen, and happen with a BANG!!  Whether its for a monthly office party, a thank you party for the employees, or a corporate meeting; if it’s around Easter these are some great ideas to put a fun twist on the ordinary gathering. Preparation and knowledge are the keys to pulling this off.


Cotton Candy Rentals for themed Easter Parties:
For starters,  how can a cotton candy machine rental and Easter have anything to do with each other?  Great question, it’s all about the presentation.   Cotton Candy comes in several different colors, including pastel ones.  Take a look at some pictures here.

Pop Corn Rentals for themed Easter Parties:
Similar to cotton candy,  popcorn can be displayed and packaged for creative Easter decorations.  Whether it be decorating the packaging, adding pastel color candy to the popcorn, or making colorful popcorn. popcorn can be a fun, creative, and yummy Easter party idea.

Easter Decorating Ideas for Your Next Office Event:
Although food makes the party, decoration brings it all together.  In order to really bring out the Easter theme thoughtful and creative decorations and pastel colors can be used.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to do it either.  Meticulously staging your decorations and paying attention to the little things go a long ways.  Instead of buying the “same old” decorations at Target, making your own can be both fun and uniquely special.

Changing the normal up is a good thing.  Even at work.  Fun Times Party Rental has the concessions rentals and ideas to really bring that party together.  We can simply rent you the concession machines and give you some ideas or we can come out and help you set up, operate the machines, and serve as well.  Now even thought the fun is in the creation, make sure to enjoy the spirit of the holidays and the fellowship of your friends and coworkers.  Have fun!!