Tired of bouncers and slides? Rent a foam machine from Fun Times Party Rental today. Click on the pictures below to view our foam machine products.

Foam Machine

Have you done water slides and bounce houses and want something different? Well this is the item for you. Let your kids play in this foam pit for hours and hours. It only uses 3 gallons of water, you do not have to worry about your kids playing around water. It only takes 45 seconds to fill up, and kids can play for hours. Kids party rentals have reached an all new level.

Our foam machine uses only 3 gallons of water to fill the entire foam pit with bubbles. Traditional water slides are connected to a hose with continuous water flow. The solution that is used to produce the bubbles is a biodegradable material as well.

Our customer service representatives are standing by to talk to you today. Add a party foam machine to your party rental and multiply the fun.

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