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We all have fond memories of birthday parties when we were growing up. Whether it was our own party or a friend’s, we could count on hours of simple, classic party fun in the form of backyard games, loosely-organized activities or crafts, and of course, the fun of singing “Happy Birthday,” eating cake and opening presents. These days, children’s birthday parties have gotten much more elaborate, to say the least: parents are paying top dollar for costumed characters, face painters and balloon artists to attend their child’s birthday party, and some people even hire event planners to craft the perfect bash for their little one. While all of this is perfectly fine for families who wish to have lavish celebrations for each birthday their child has, some people are wondering what happened to the simple, no-frills fun of an old-school backyard birthday party. Here are some ideas for planning a party that keeps it simple while still guaranteeing your little party guests maximum fun!

Throwback Games– Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Musical Chairs? Pass the Parcel? Well, chances are your kids have never even heard of them! Introduce a whole new generation to these birthday party classics, and watch the fun ensue!

Pinata Fiesta!- There’s nothing quite as satisfying as whacking a piñata with a stick and being the lucky one to break it open! These days, manufacturers of party supplies make pinatas with virtually every imaginable cartoon character, superhero or mascot you can think of, so you can easily find one that matches your party’s theme. Additionally, if you would rather remove the potential danger of toddlers wielding giant sticks from the equation, there are pinatas on the market with ribbons that can be pulled to release the delicious treats without having to take a swing at it. Fun for all ages!

Bubble Blast- It is a universal fact that children love bubbles! Why not rent a small bubble machine and let the little ones go nuts? Kids adore jumping and dancing in a barrage of bubbles, trying to pop them. Not only is it a festive-looking addition to your party décor, but it is also a relatively mess-free activity that is loads of fun for everyone!

Fun Times Party Rentals has you covered for all your Dallas-area party equipment needs. Call us today to ask about inventory and pricing, and let us help you plan the perfect simple birthday party for your child.