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Since Disney’s Frozen has been released, girls all across the county are turning their special day into a Frozen-themed birthday party. Here are few ways to make your Frozen party stand out from the rest, especially during those not so frozen temperatures here in Texas. Make your Frozen party, a ball fit for your little princess.

1. Sno-Cones:

After all it’s frozen and it’s blue. You can use our traditional cones, decorative cups, or Frozen themed cups. With our blue raspberry, blue bubble gum, and blue coconut flavors, you can provide a variety of flavors for the taste buds without changing the color. Sno-cone machines are great for many occasions, including school carnivals, birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, baby and bridal showers, and will work just as well with your Frozen-themed party. They’re easy to operate and cost effective.


2. Cotton Candy:

Whimsical and delicious, blue cotton candy is a great addition to any Frozen party. Not to mention it’s a great treat that kids (and adults) can’t resist. Just like sno-cone machines, cotton candy machines are great for any festive event. They can add a touch of elegance to a wedding, or a touch of amusement to any party.


3. Foam Machine:

When you don’t have snow, there’s always bubbles and foam. Foam is the next best thing to snow during those spring and summer months. Our foam machine has been a hit at many parties. Take your guests into another world of fun with the foam machine;  it’s really magical when paired with a Frozen-themed party.

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