Posted by funtimes on Dec 7, 2016 in Fun Times Party Rentals |

It’s still possible to have the best holiday party of 2016! All it takes is a little planning and these great tips!

#1 Get organized! Lists lists lists. Get started by making your lists of all the main items for the event. Use an app, spreadsheet or just some good old fashioned paper and pencil. This helps you determine every task that needs to be done from creating a shopping list to contact information for vendors and guests to any food ideas or dietary restrictions. Decide what party rental equipment you’ll need in advance.

#2 Decide on a theme! A holiday party may seem like the easiest theme of all but you can still put a twist on it! Although it might be a bit late for a Christmas in July, you can do Santa at the beach, holidays from around the world or other interesting spins. Themes are great because they give you a center to plan around.

#3 Invitations! Send out your invitations in plenty of time! The holidays can be a busy time of year and it’s time to get your dates selected. Give family and friends plenty of time to find a sitter, take the day or night off or just bookmark the date. Always make sure that you invite 20% more people than you have room for since there are always cancellations.

#4 Plan the food! Decide what types of food and drinks you want to serve at the event. Is it going to be self-service for food and drinks? Are you going to provide alcohol? Who will serve? Who will clean up? Taking a few minutes to determine the service side will help you define how the party will run. If you are going to need to rent party equipment, make sure you reserve it now if you haven’t already.

#5 Make your event kid friendly! If you are planning an event for both children and their parents, give each group something to look forward to. Are you including a bounce house to a family BBQ or would you like to add a kids area with activities and kid friendly food at a more elegant holiday party? You can make sure that both the parents and kids have a good time by making a place for both to feel comfortable!

#6 Be flexible! You’ll never know in advance if something is going to go wrong, so do your best to be flexible. Enjoy the day and your guests will too!