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Anyone who has been in the party rental industry knows that some products are seasonal and are for specific types of use.  For instance, obstacle courses are usually rented in the Spring and Fall, water slides are for Summer use, and so on.  This article is will help provide you with ideas that can help you better design your products and cross market your products so they have a shorter down time.  Maximizing your inventory and increasing your rental rate per item is a sure way to maximize your overall profit which is the name of the game!

waterslideoptionsThe most obvious way to maximize your slides are to purchase slides that can be used both wet and dry.  Also purchase obstacle courses rentals where the slide can be used independently both wet or dry as well.  There are slides on the market that have a detachable bumper at the end that can be replaced with a pool.  This set up allows you to use a single product throughout the entire year regardless of the weather conditions.  Another great concept are themed banners that fit on bounce houses, slides, and combo units.  This allows the company to reach a more specific customers request while having only a few inflatables.

banneroptionsThere are also combo units on the market that are designed with detachable slides.  This allows you to rent it out as a bounce house or a combo.  Also, there are some stand alone bounce houses that can be paired with stand alone slides.  This is a great way to have two separate pieces that can fit together and rent for a higher dollar amount. Adding a small obstacle piece that can attach to a bounce house, combo, or back load slide gives you multiple ways to make sure the customers have what they want the way they want it.  Going back to water slides, adding slip-n-slides that can attach to a slide is a great idea too.  Make sure the slip-n-slides can be rented out separately as well.

Lastly, know what your products are capable of.  For instance a customer asked me if Fun Times Party Rental has a kettle corn maker.  My initial response was no, however I did my research and realized kettle corn can be made in a regular popcorn machine rental with the right products.  This allowed me to sell them 2 popcorn machines and 500 servings of kettle corn (do the math) with the order they already had.  Sno cone machines are great too.  If you do not have a margarita machine, cross sell your sno cone machine to them.  Explain to them how the sno cone machine rental will shave ice and they can add whatever ingredient they like to it.   Not all will buy into it, but some will.

There are many other factors that are involved in a successful bounce house renal template.  But if you stick with this inventory idea, you will be sell on your way to getting the most out of your products year over year.