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Bounce House Rentals Dallas, Texas

Bounce House Rentals are safe for kids. We just have to find the right ones.

As I search the web, there are several articles that show videos of unsafe bounce houses and articles of how we should keep our kids out of bounce houses. I am here to set the record straight. We take risks everyday in life. Our life and health are not guaranteed past right now. With that being said, there are several things we can do to minimize the risks we take in allowing our kids to play on inflatable bounce houses. Please remember, this takes extra effort on your part, but I am sure your agree our children are wort it.  Although this could be a book,  I will divide it into 3 sections, 1) Pre Order 2)During your rental 3)Statistics.
Safety starts much earlier than when your bounce house arrives it begins when selecting the bounce house rental company. Obvious things first, you need to choose a company that services your area, has the product you want at the price you can afford, but also make sure the company you have selected carries insurance and it matches the required amount needed to operate in your state if applicable. If you are unsure, ask them for a copy.  Make sure the company you select meets all other certifications your state requires. For instance, to conduct business in Texas, all amusement companies must be inspected and certified thru the state.  Here is a list of the companies that are certified to operate in the state of Texas. These are 2 major items all consumers should verify before renting with any company.  Although the previous are requirements, the following are things that show us as a consumer  how a company values themselves as a company, there industry, and you as a valued customer. Some additional things to consider would be are they associated with any organizations or have any certifications? These organizations could be the local chamber of commerce, better business bureau, industry specific organizations such as SIOTO, which offers safety certificates for training courses completed.  One thing to keep in the front of your mind at this point is the cheapest company you find will not meet the guidelines above.  There price points do not allow them to pay for insurance, state certificates, safety training, repairs on damaged bounce houses, state taxes, cleaning bounce house on a regular basis, and all the things that show they are a company that has your child best interest at the core of what they do.  Your child is more valuable that saving a few dollars.  This is what we consider the company vetting process.
During Your Rental
In the first section, the process was focused on the rental companies, this section we will look at what we as consumers can do to minimize the risk of an injury after the inflatable has arrived. Every rental company has rules and regulations and a contract that must be signed. Please make sure you fully understand the rules and regulations and the contract that you are signing. Please at all times follow the rules of use. The rules of use are outlines in the contract and should be on the bounce house too. All the rules are important, but the most important rule of all is to always have an adult supervising the kids in the bounce house. Kids are kids, that is what makes them special. They are going to push the limits without thinking of the consequences. Most of us would think, how could they get hurt on something inflatable, but it can happen. We need to be watching at all times. Other thinks to consider would be do not mix ages and/or sizes of kids in the bounce house. The smaller ones will usually get hurt, do no overload the bounce house, do not use in rainy conditions or when lightning, thundering, or high winds.  Know how to deflate the bounce house in these conditions or when there is no adult present.  Also remember no flipping, horse playing or wrestling in or around the bounce house and remove shoes, glasses and jewelry before entering the bounce house.   I cant stress enough how important adult supervision is.  Kids do not think about all the rules, us as parents have to remind them.
There are several articles on the internet showing how bounce house injuries are growing at rates that out pace the number of people in this world.   There is some validity in that, however not all the data is being reported at the same time.  About 10 years ago bounce houses were extremely expensive to purchase which made them extremely expensive to rent out.  Most people that rented bounce houses were business, municipalities, and churches.  After realizing the huge profitability in manufacturing bounce houses overseas companies began manufacturing them and selling them cheaper which caused the US companies to lower there prices to compete.  With bounce houses having a lower sales price, it allowed more people to purchase them and rent them out at cheaper rates.  This gave individuals the opportunity to rent them for birthday parties.  Once this happened, the bounce house rental market as a whole skyrocketed which in turn would increase the number of bounce house related injuries.  Now it’s fair to add, as bounce houses are cheaper to purchase more new business pop up.  Unfortunately,  a lot of those new businesses that pop up do not fall in the category of a business you should rent from.

I know thru experience that bounce houses bring smiles to kids and joy to parents hearts.  I feel extremely blessed to provide this service.  I realize injuries are a part of life, but I also know there are several things we can do as business and consumers to change the curve of accidents happening all around the county.  Fun Times Party Rentals is a company that puts your children first.  Give us the chance to show you.