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One of the most misunderstood things when renting an inflatable is the difference between them.  There are several different names used to describe them all, but they are all classified under just a few categories.  Hopefully this article will make sure you have a better understanding so when comparing prices, you can actually compare apples to apples.

Bounce House Rentals:  This is the most standard type of inflatable there is.  They are mostly square and have a bouncing area inside.  Some of them have basketball hoops.  They have several different names to describe them such as jumpy house, bouncy castle, moonwalk, or space jump.  These type of units are best for smaller kids because of the limited number of activities you can do in them.  They are also designed for smaller functions because only approximately 60 kids per hour can use them .

Combo Unit Rentals:  Combo units are another type of inflatable.  These inflatables are a combination of 2 to 5 different types of activities all enclosed in to a single unit.  The various types of activities are bouncing, climbing, sliding, basketball hoops, and obstacles.  Combo units are able to rotate more kids per hour than a bounce house because of the side feature.  As 1 kids slides out, another kid can enter.  Combo units as well as bounce houses are very common rentals for birthday parties.  These inflatables come in all shapes and sizes and some can even be used wet since there is a slide attached.

Inflatable Slide Rentals:  Slide rentals can be confusing when comparing.  They are comprised of 2 different features, a climbing wall to reach the top and a sliding pad.  However, when comparing different slides, the key feature is to know the true size of the slide.  This is done by knowing the overall height of the slide and also the highest point you will climb to as well.  There are slides on the market that are 18ft tall but have a climbing height of 9ft tall and other slides that are 14Ft tall with a climbing height of 9ft as well.  The 18ft slide will probably cost more, but the adrenaline rush will be the same for both slides because you slide down from the same height.  Take a look at my diagram here.  Most inflatable slide can be used wet or dry.  The wet ones can be used with a bumper, pool, or a slip-n-slide attached to the end.  Water slides are a great way to beat the heat in the summer time and they can be very reasonably priced as well.  Slides are great for larger parties, parties for older people, and events because they will allow 200 to 400 plus slides per hour.  There are single lane slides and double lane slide for twice the fun.

Inflatable Obstacle Course Rentals: Obstacle courses are a great way for kids and adults to compete.  They generally offer 2 lanes and most have a slide at the end.  These are generally more expensive, but are a great way to circulate many rides thru per hour, which is needed for larger events.  Obstacle courses are usually 30 to 99 ft long and have slide that are 14ft to 24ft tall.  They are great for wipe out parties, team building, high school calisthenics, festivals and events, church and school functions, and more.  Obstacle courses are designed for kids 3 years of age and older.

Inflatable Game Rentals: This category is hard to narrow down.  This type of inflatable rental generally revolves around games, sports, or activities.  It can be a basketball shootout, batting cage, quarterback challenge, archery, shooting, and more.  Most of these are great carnival games because of the high number of people that can use them per hour.  They are great for people of all ages and bring out the competitive nature in us all.  There are always new types of games being created. They can be a great addition to any party or event or can serve as the center point too.

No matter what your are trying to accomplish there is an inflatable for you.  Each one of these categories has several different styles, themes, age groups, and features that make them different from each other.  So now when looking for that perfect inflatable you will have a better idea as to what you are needing to best fit your event.  If you don’t just give us a call and we will be happy to help!!