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What kid doesn’t like a train? Fascination with trains start early on in our lives. Just ask any toddler, “What sound does a train make,” and your will here two magical words, “Choo-Choo!” When people ask us about birthday party ideas, trains come to mind, and one of our most popular items here at Fun Times Party Rentals are our trackless trains.

Once you’ve decided on a train-themed party, here are a few cool party ideas to bring your party to life.


1. Train Themed Products

Trackless trains are cool amusement style rides that come to you, which is great when getting to an actual train isn’t always practical. They are the perfect addition to any party, and kids just can’t enough. We actually have three unique trains to choose from, as well as a train faced bounce house. Out train-themed items can fit most budgets, and you can call anytime for a quote:


2. Cake & Train Decorations:

Cakes make a great centerpiece and can serve as the focal point for your decorations. Once you find your cake, then your theme really starts to come together. Here are a few different styles to draw inspiration from.


3. Party Hats & Party Favors:

Instead of the traditional party hats with the elastic that almost all kids dislike, try getting a conductor’s hat that each kid can keep. Conductor hats for kids can be found on Amazon, Oriental Trading, or Ebay. You can pair the conductor hat with a bright color bandana, and a wooden whistle. Kids can wear their hats during their train ride, or you can package them up neatly for a great parting gifts or favors.