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Carnival themed party rentals are one the most popular themed parties. It’s a classic theme that’s timeless, and offers so many options for your party guests. Our carousel bounce house has been the perfect addition to a carnival themed parties, but this year we’re proud to offer even more game options to make your party bigger or just better. ¬†Fun Times Party Rentals offers several different game rentals for your next event.

UndertheBigTop1. Under the Big Top:

This cool new addition to our inflatable family offers hours of fun in one unit. Under the Big Top is an inflatable with five unique party games (basketball hoop challenge, quarterback toss, knock me out, Frisbee toss, alien invasion challenge). The bonus is that this unit can host up to five players at one time. So whether you’re having a large event like a school carnival with hundreds of kids, or a backyard birthday party for a small gathering, this unit will be a hit. The big top design will bring any carnival theme to life.



2. Air Racer

Air Racer Game

Air Racer is an agility game that will test your speed and coordination. Four players will compete to move the balls along an air channel path. The first person to get their balls to the last cone without dropping their ball is the winner. It’s a fun game the whole family can play, or great for any event that requires spirited competition. From elementary to adults, kids of all ages will flock to this addicting game. ¬†Check out our YouTube video of us using the Air Racer Challenge Inflatable here.


Archery Tag




3. Archery Skills Challenge

Any type of challenge is great for a carnival themed party. Our Archery Skills Challenge is a new item that also works well with a Hunger Games themed party, too. If you ever wanted to try your skills with a bow and arrow outside of basic target practice, then this is the challenge for you. Don’t worry moms, this game is safe for kids.