Cotton Candy Instructions

Instructions for Proper Cotton Candy Machine Use

  • Plug machine DIRECTLY into the wall. DO NOT use an extension cord.  If you are using another machine with a heating element, make sure both are plugged into separate outlets/circuits.

  • This machine is not to be operated by minors. Minors are classified as anyone under the age of 18.

  • Never put your fingers, face, or any other objects into the floss head while the motor is running. Serious injuries may occur.

  • With main switch still off, fill the floss head. Always fill 90% full with sugar.  This 90% level is necessary to obtain a balanced condition in the floss head.  DO NOT overfill.  Excessive vibration will occur if overfilled.  Before turning on manually turn the floss head to balance out the sugar.  This help eliminate excessive vibration as well.

  • Turn Main Switch and Heating Element to ON. Turn heat control knob to maximum settings to initiate the fastest possible warm up.

  • The machine should start making floss in about 30 seconds. When the unit starts making floss, you must reduce the heat settings to.  Turn the heat control knob counter clockwise to eliminate smoking. 

  • Once you find the ideal setting for the heat control, operate with the setting near this position each time. The optimum setting should be where the dial is generally straight up.

  • Turn the heat control off and allow the motor to run for 1 to 2 minutes to allow the floss head to cool down.

  • Turn the motor switch off and allow the motor to come to a complete stop.

Enjoy Your Cotton Candy
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