Different Types of Bounce Houses
So, what's the Difference Between Inflatables?

While all bounce houses are called inflatables, all inflatables are not bounce houses. When I was a kid, they were referred to as bounce houses, space walks, or moon bouncers. Although there were many names, they were all the same.

Approximately 15ft x 15ftx 10 to 14ft tall. There was a bouncing pad on the inside and lots of room for you to jump around.

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Stress Free Hosting Ideas
Stress Free Holiday Hosting Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Professional
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Kids have finally settled back into school. Birds fly south for the winter, nature turns orange, red, yellow, and brown, leaves fall, and my favorite holidays are quickly approaching. So much to do. So much to plan for, but we only have a few weeks till Thanksgiving and two hops and a jump later we are knocking on Christmas door.
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Tips Tricks and Warnings for your Halloween Party Planning
5 Tips, Tricks, and Warnings for Planning Your Next Halloween Party

There is always plenty of things going on in the month of October! Halloween is coming soon. Fall Festivals have orange, maroon, and brown colors. Many people have birthdays as they get older. Yes, October is in the air and party rental stores are extremely busy.

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5 Best Infalatables for Adults
The 5 Best Inflatables for Adults
Inflatables are not just for kids! We often get phone calls asking us about rentals for adults. Even at 40, you have an inner child to unleash. Although we offer table and chair rentals, we also have exciting games and inflatables for our biggest of kids. Here's a list of the 5 Best Inflatables for Adult Parties:
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Common Mistakes Bounce House Rental Companies Should Avoid
Common Mistakes Bounce House Rental Companies Should Avoid At All Cost
I've compiled a list of mistakes both seasoned bounce house rental companies and rookie bounce house companies make every day.  Although mistakes are inevitable, realizing your mistakes and correcting them can make a huge difference and keep your stress level down too.  I will start with new bounce house companies and then transition into established ones.
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Cleaning Bounce Houses
Cleaning Bounce Houses - Behind the Scenes
The Bounce House Rental industry is glamorous to the outside world, we pull up, set it up, collect money, and that's it.  Well, that's not quite all and I'm not here to lay out all the details in this post, just one in particular; cleaning bounce houses. There are several different ways and I have tried almost all of them and have perfected a few after thousands of cleanings. There are a few steps that are mandatory and several ways to do each step. I will cover each of the mandatory steps and provide you with a few different ways to get the job done.
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