Generator Instructions

Instructions for Proper Generator Use

  • This machine is to not be used by anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • This machine is not to be operated by minors. Minors are classified as anyone under the age of 18.

  • Keep generator in an area with extremely good ventilation.

  • Make sure the exhaust is pointed away from all of the activity.

  • The generator is extremely hot. Do not touch anywhere except the handles, the control panel where the outlets are, and the top when you are refilling the gas.

  • The generator is a potential source of electrical shock if misused. Do not expose the generator to moisture, rain or snow. Do not let the generator get wet, and do not operate it with wet hands.

  • In the event the tap is clogged it is designed to be fully extended and then retracted repeatedly to release a high consistency product.

  • You will be killed or severely injured if you do not follow all safety instruction

  • To Stop the generator flip the switch or turn the dial from the 'on' position to the 'off' position.

  • To start the generator, make sure the fuel line is 'open'. This can be found under the gas tank on the same end as the recoil string starter.

  • If the engine is cold pull the choke lever located near the carburetor close to the recoil string started as well.

  • Turn the generator from the 'off' position to the 'on' which can be found on the control panel where the receptacles are located.

  • If the generator is equipped with a GFCI switch turn it off and then pull the recoil string starter. Once the generator is warmed up turn the choke off.  Turn the GFCI on. Your generator is ready to be used.

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