Sno-Cone Machine Instructions

Instructions for Proper Sno Cone Machine Use

  • Plug machine DIRECTLY into the wall. DO NOT use an extension cord.  If you are using another machine with a heating element, make sure both are plugged into separate outlets/circuits.

  • This machine is not to be operated by minors. Minors are classified as anyone under the age of 18.

  • Never put your fingers or any other objects in the shaver body (or goose neck) while the motor is running. Serious injuries may occur.

  • Load hopper with ice

  • Close pusher cap and apply gentle downward pressure

  • Turn the power switch to the on position

  • Press and hold the Red Momentary button while applying gentle downward pressure to the pusher cap. Release the button once all of the ice in the hopper has been shaved.

  • Do not lift the pusher cap until all of the ice has been shaved and the motor has completely stopped.

  • Repeat steps starting with 'Load the hopper with ice...'

Enjoy Your Ice Cold SnoCones
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