Hot Chocolate Machine Instructions

Instructions for Proper Hot Chocolate Machine Use

  • Plug machine DIRECTLY into the wall. DO NOT use an extension cord.  If you are using another machine with a heating element, make sure both are plugged into separate outlets/circuits.

  • This machine is not to be operated by minors. Minors are classified as anyone under the age of 18.

  • Verify the auger is in place and the clear plastic container is secure to the base of the machine.

  • Fill the boiler tank (to the right of the tap with a clear plastic cover over it) with mineral water making sure to not exceed the max fill line.

  • Mix 2.6 pounds of chocolate (which is 1 and 1/3 2lb packages of chocolate) and 10 liters of either water or milk (and possibly sugar) together. Or mix 1 %u2013 2lb packages of chocolate and 7.5 liters of water or milk to make 30 cups.

  • Fill the tank with your mixture not to exceed the max fill line. This container holds 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of product.

  • Set the temperature (located to the left of the tap) to the desired temperature you would like your hot chocolate to be.

  • CAUTION: Only touch the tap when pouring the machine is extremely hot!!

  • In the event the tap is clogged it is designed to be fully extended and then retracted repeatedly to release a high consistency product.

  • This machine is capable of mixing 10 liters (48 8oz cups) of hot chocolate.

Enjoy Your Hot Chocolate!!
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